OMC – Operation & Maintenance Contracting

In line with MAZAYA’s policy to diversify its services in order to cope up with market needs for various technical and engineering works, a new Division OMC (Operation and Maintenance Contracting) has been established within the MAZAYA GROUP.

OMC provides comprehensive services related to Operation and Maintenance in addition to Property and Facility Management. This will complement the activities and types of services provided by other Divisions of the Group


  • Facility & Property Management.
  • Testing & Commissioning.
  • Operation & Maintenance of various electro-mechanical and electronic systems and equipment

OMC provides its clients with Facility Management services, which would ensure tremendous benefits to the property & facilities, summarized as follows:

1. Financial Benefits of Strategic Facilities Management:

  • Long term cost saving
  • Adopting best practices for optimum use of facilities.
  • Incorporating people, place, process and technology for optimum performance of Facilities.
  • Linking effective facilities management to strategic cost-management.

2. Risk Management:

  • Clarifying common risk management issues to ensure business continuity.
  • Minimize the consequences of accidents and failure events
  • Implementing risk management plan to improve operational and maintenance reliability.
  • Outlining the main threats and hazards of facilities downtime
  • Analyzing historical data on breakdown issues of each failures mode for future risk management plan that is best suited for the organization

3. Linking Modern CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) with Risk Management Plan:

  • Establishing framework for computerized performance monitoring and management
  • Developing recovery plan and mandatory actions
  • Identifying value-added advantages from the latest management technologies

4. Incorporating Energy and Water Management for Facilities Management

  • Achieving energy and water conservation through practical facilities management
  • Applying latest ideas towards effective energy and water management.

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