IIC – Industrial Insulation & Cladding

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]IIC offers full-service mechanical systems insulation contractor specialized in industrial projects.

It was initially launched in 2001 as a division of SOGEC (Specialized Oil and Gas Engineering Company) to meet the acute need for the Installation and maintenance of insulation and cladding services required by the industry.

In 2007 and based on the vast experience gained by this division’s engineers and technicians, IIC successfully gained its independent company status.

Thermal insulation provides an immediate reduction in gas emissions and saves industrial plant owners money, whether the role of insulation is energy conservation, temperature retention, condensation control, freeze protection or burn protection for workers.

IIC experience gives us the knowledge to match the insulation product and application according to its customers’ needs.

From new construction to remodeling, IIC is the qualified insulation contractor for all types of insulation projects.

In terms of its core business, IIC is a first-class insulation company which provides the entire range of services in the areas of heat, cold & noise protection including high-profile products such as calcium silicate, mineral or rock wool and foam glass in a variety of metal jacketing to suit all system solutions.
Systematic integration of innovative technologies and optimization of fitting and installation processes are crucial for our core business.

Our major customers have always relied on us to carry out specialized tasks and depend on us as qualified insulation contractors for all their challenging projects.

IIC insulation contracts services may include:

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Material supply
  • Installation
  • Surveys of thermal insulation efficiency
  • Maintenance
  • Project Management

IIC services cover the following scopes:

Heat Insulation:
High-quality heat insulation is the prerequisite for economic heat generation and complex production process.
It limits loss of heat and helps to reduce drops in temperature when transporting media over long distances.
Heat insulation is indispensable in cases where human beings must be protected from heat generated by hot production plant components.
Sensitive devices and heat accumulators cannot function properly without good heat insulation.

Cold Insulation:
Refrigeration places very high demands on materials and design and calls for sophisticated insulation measures in diverse areas.
This involves refrigeration ships, cold storage rooms, and ripening chambers.

Noise Protection:
Constant noise affects those who are subjected to it and can detract considerably from their well-being.
For this reason, noise protection contributes considerably to quality of life. Elimination of noise is dependent on the source and calls for a high degree of technological knowhow.
Noise tests and analyses performed by our experienced team of acoustic experts form the basis for determining just what noise protection measures are required, whether it is a matter of reducing noise generated by production facilities, and construction work.

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