CMD – Construction Management

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Is MAZAYA’s entry into the field of construction management field, capitalizing on the group’s experience in the construction industry.

CM is qualified by the merit of its structure and mission to address a wide variety of construction problems, and to provide effective solutions.

In 2006, MAZAYA GROUP management decided to diversify the group’s activities, and within that decision, targeting large scale projects.

In addition to construction management, CM is a General Contractor who targets both industrial and commercial projects.

We in CM are committed to the same high standards, that the other MAZAYA GROUP divisions and companies are committed too.

Our goal is to promote professionalism and excellence in our work.

Backed with a qualified team of engineers and specialists, CM is well prepared to handle all the phases of design, management and construction of civil, architectural, electrical and mechanical projects.

Construction Management is a project delivery method that applies modern project management techniques to project planning, design and construction in order to control time and cost and to assure quality to the clients.

As part of the client’s project team, which includes the owner, the construction manager- (CM), consultants, prime contractors and subcontractors, the Construction Manager is responsible for developing and implementing a management plan that will achieve the goals of the client and the project within the budgetary and schedule parameters listed and established by the plan.

Estimation, planning and coordination are the keys to controlling the design and construction processes.

CM uses a variety of techniques and tools to monitor progress and to anticipate critical events and concerns in a proactive manner before they become issues.
CM also prepares independent cost estimates and reviews the on-going design for potential cost savings.

The construction management process that CM utilizes is most effective when employed from the beginning of the project, allowing the Clients and Consultants to identify and resolve issues of value and constructability prior to construction.

A professional consultant experienced in construction management, such as CM, acts as a trusted advisor to the client, and improves the latter’s confidence in the success of the project, which stems out of the ability of the “construction manager” to make expert recommendations regarding:

  • Optimum use of available funds.
  • Optimum project/program scheduling.
  • Optimum use of design and construction skills and talents.
  • Maximum preclusion of delays, variations and claims.

“These recommendations reduce the need for costly changes or redesign during construction, and reduce the causes of disagreements and subsequent litigation. Furthermore, the compensation for construction management’ services is not dependent on the ultimate cost of the project, thus eliminating any conflict of interest in managing the costs of design and construction. “


Develop Construction Management plan/Project Procedures.
Develop Conceptual Budgets.
Develop & Update Master and Milestones Schedules.
Develop Team Structures.

Develop Preliminary and Final Design Estimates/Schedules.
Perform Value Engineering/Value Analysis Studies.
Perform Constructability Reviews.
Prepare Design and Shop Drawings.

Develop a List of Pre-qualified Contractors.
Bid Analysis/Negotiation/Award.
Contracts Preparation.

Coordinate/Conduct Progress Meetings.
Contract Management/Administration.
Monitor Construction Costs and provide cost control reports.
Update Construction Schedules.
Progress Payments Review/Approval.
Quality Assurance
Safety Management.

Post Construction
Develop Punch List.
Occupancy Plan.
Systems Start-up and commissioning.
Operation & Maintenance Manuals and training.
Warranty/Guarantee Review/Approval.
Final Payment Review/Approval.
Quality Management Assessment.
Cost Control summary and recommendations[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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